iconic café and bar in Copenhagen restored and reopened in 2020

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Café Dan Turèll

We're in 1977. 521,000 people live in Copenhagen at the time and the kiosks close at 10 c'clock.

On a warm September evening, Café Dan Turèll opens at Store Regnegade in inner city. It's Copenhagen's second café inspired by French style with zinc bars and mirrors covering the walls, serving café au lait and cappuccino from hissing espresso machines. Over the next few years, it becomes one of the capital's hippest spots for artists, writers and musicians to meet up.

Now the iconic café reopens. On Sunday the 5th of July, the doors were opened and C Creative has helped to immortalize the place in film and pictures and make both website and social platforms ready for the greatness of the past.

See you at the bar?

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